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About Alebo Pensionat

Today, Alebo Pensionat is a family-owned business by Ida Gunnarsson, Claudio Carrizo, and Mikael Gunnarsson since 2021. Ida and Claudio, with the help of staff, manage the operations of the hotel, while Mikael takes care of the beautiful property. Ida and Claudio have extensive experience in the restaurant and hotel industry from places such as Falkenbergs Strandbad, Loka Brunn, Skansen in Båstad, Miss Voon, Tiraholms Fisk, Scandic Frimurar hotel, and more.


Ida Gunnarsson

The CEO is Ida Gunnarsson, and she is usually the one you'll meet in the restaurant. She handles reservations and maintains order in the establishment. Ida is a trained chef and is passionate about hospitality and caring for guests.


Claudio Carrizo

Claudio is primarily in the kitchen and is the creative soul of the establishment. He also manages the finances. A self-taught chef with a keen interest in food and beverages, he's a trained hotel administrator from Grythyttan.



Jonas Sievert - chef


Alebo Pensionat was built in 1897 on the southern outskirts of Unnaryd. The guesthouse was constructed next to the well-known spring located at Alebo. Around the turn of the century, the hotel welcomed many guests coming for the healing waters and baths. Visitors mainly came from Småland, Halland, and Skåne, especially from Halmstad and Helsingborg. Every morning between 7 and 8, guests were given a glass of water from the health spring and then seated on special rocking boards. As they rocked, they drank the water, believing that the rocking motion helped distribute the water throughout the body. Later on, a doctor would prescribe a certain number of glasses of water and specific baths in the bathhouse that was part of the guesthouse at the time. Since 2021, the old bathhouse has been sold and is no longer part of the guesthouse.

The health spring at Alebo is mentioned as early as 1797. Around 30 coins have been found there, the oldest being a Danish one from the early 1600s. The spring was used for health purposes since the early 1700s when the renowned doctor Urban Hjärne was a strong proponent of health waters. The spring is still present today in the octagonal building in front of the main house.

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